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Why Let's Network 101? That's simple. Other marketing apparel is low quality, boring and ineffective; ours is high quality, fresh and encourages conversation.....which is the point. But to really understand us is to know why we got started, so here goes....

So one day I am at the grocery store and I see two people: one with a shirt on that read "some random gym name" that he obviously worked for and the other guy with a very basic shirt on that simply said "personal trainer". Now at the time I was a little overweight and needed to get in shape, so I approached the guy with the "personal trainer" shirt, and made an appointment with him. The other guy with the uniform looking shirt on overheard the whole thing, and was obviously puzzled as to why I approached the other guy. As I walked to my car, I also started to think - why. Then it hit me and my new passion Let's Network 101, was born.

That trip to the store made me realize that people's eyes have grown so used to traditional marketing apparel that says "Company Name Here", that we tend to look past those brands without taking action. For example, if you work for "Peppermint Realty" (fictional company) and you wear a T shirt that says "Peppermint Realty" people may see it but most likely will not engage you in conversation about it. But if you wear a shirt that says "I am a Real Estate Agent" people will notice, and if they are in the market for a house you better believe they will approach you, or you will notice them looking and approach them. 

As a company we feel that we have created the social media of T shirts. We make high quality, stylish clothing that encourages conversation and if you wear it, will expand your network. As professionals and entrepreneurs, you know that networking is by far the most effective form of marketing you will ever do, and we feel that our clothing is an embodiment of this. So give us a try and make every trip to the grocery store, the coffee shop, and Tommy's (my son's name) baseball game a networking opportunity. 

If you are anything like me, then you never stop thinking about your next client or your next contact. I am a networking junkie, and a junkie needs his fix, right? 

Let's Network 101 : Market Yourself, Wear Yourself